Most recent research on how to increase healthspan

Understanding how to age well and increasing the time that we spend in a healthy state is of the utmost importance. Dr. Palmer has spent the last several years identifying important lifestyle and diet changes, along with supplements that will extend healthspan (the time that one spends in good health) and longevity.

Working with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, conducting multiple research projects and clinical trials, a solution was found to fight frailty and increase healthspan.

One such paper was published in Cell Metabolism, ‘Alpha-Ketoglutarate, an Endogenous Metabolite, Extends Lifespan and Compresses Morbidity in Aging Mice’.The product that research and clinical trials show promise is Rejuvant .

Rejuvant resets your DNA to that of a younger you. Some of the many benefits are an increase of cellular energy, reduction of age-related inflammation,detoxification of age-related ammonia buildup, and postponing frailty.

The latest work with Rejuvant shows a biological age reduction of 8 years in just 7 months. From a real-world study on 42 patients, this paper was recently published in the scientific journal "Aging". Click Here to see the paper.

What's Your Number? The Palmer Code

What if there were a way to measure your level of contentment; a life-fulfillment quotient if you will, and what if that level could be calculated using a mathematical algorithm that would yield a single number, "your number", representing everything that makes you who and what you are? A single number, with 100 being ideal, that represents the way you appear to the outside world. Your number is an all-encompassing number that includes the inner you and the outer you.

What’s Your Number... The Palmer Code (R) will help you make dramatic, sometimes life-altering changes by understanding the relationships that all the seemingly disconnected parts of your daily activities have with your appearance and vice versa. Inside, you’ll learn the secrets of how to improve your mind, body, attitude, personal relationships, physical appearance and so much more by making simple, yet profound changes in the way you do the things you already do. Use "What’s Your Number" as your ultimate self-help, self-realization, and self-improvement guide. The secrets are all here for you to make the best possible you.

After nearly two decades of medical practice, research, and analysis, Dr. Francis Palmer has unlocked the secrets and identified the tremendous impact that all the various factors of our daily lives have on our appearance. This book unlocks real solutions for optimal living through scientific algorithms to create the best “whole you”. It exposes the undeniable association of our appearance with all facets of life and then provides simple solutions for total self-improvement allowing you to achieve your life’s full potential both inside and out to become the very best version of "you" possible.